Translation Agency in the Center of Kyiv, Ukraine

Central Translation Agency is located in the heart of Kyiv, near Maidan Nezalezhnosti Station. Convenient location and affordable prices are our key benefits compared to other translation agencies in Kyiv.

Advantages of the Central Translation Agency

We work basing on direct marketing services

Central Translation Agency is one of several Kyiv translation agencies directly liaising with relevant authorities on issues of legalization and recognition of foreign qualifications both in Ukraine.

We work hard

Our translators provide translations into 55 languages, including certification of translations with the stamp of our translation agency, as well as official certification by Ukrainian Notaries.

We pay attention to detail

We do not use computer-generated automated translation. We edit and proof-read our translations.

We offer reasonable prices

Our quotes for translations, apostilles, legalization services and obtaining relevant certification are lower than the market average.

We work for You

Special offers and sales!
Get free delivery by Nova Poshta (orders over 5000 UAH).
Free advisory services on your individual case!

We share real “live” feedback from our Customers!

Перевод медицинских документов

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Переводы и чешский присяжный

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Оформление документов для посольства

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Проставление апостилей

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Our Corporate Customers
What you need to know when selecting the right Translation Agency
If you type “translation agency” into Google, you will get around 6 million results. The first page should come up with the most popular businesses. In general, that is how it is. However, how do we choose a translation agency that does not compromise on quality, yet offers affordable services?
Translation Agency Internet site: judge the book by its cover!

Please, take a minute and visit all sites of translation agencies among the TOP 10 Google Search Results. It is more than enough to assess the landing pages of the site according to the following criteria:

  • Design & User-friendly Interface (Do you like and trust what you see?)
  • Clear & Accessible Text (Coherence and Cohesion)
  • ZERO Spelling & Punctuation Errors (imagine the quality of translation)
Translation Agency Pricing: how to find a happy medium

High prices do not necessarily translate into better quality, while low prices may have a downside, too. You may get charged more for a translation, while the quality of the product would be the same as that offered by a cheaper competitor. The only tip is: try to avoid the cheapest options as your documents may be processed by computer-based translation tools or by a freelance student.


High-quality translation cannot be too cheap, however you don’t have to pay through the nose! Obtain quotes from 5-6 agencies you have picked and keep them in mind.

Reviews about Translation Agencies: from Theory to Practice

You can visit an excellent site and find out about affordable prices of a translation agency, but their services might leave a lot to be desired… Real reviews from customers on Google, Facebook and other reliable resources will help you.

Give the Agency a Call: say YES to live interaction

You have already studied reviews about translation agencies and narrowed down your options… It’s time to make personal contact with the agencies you had selected. Call the Agency and tell them about your situation. You should pay attention to the following:

  • Friendly attitude of the staff (if they seem too busy or rude, just imagine what you will get after you make the payment…).
  • Professionalism regarding your personal case (the staff must answer your questions clearly, provide sound advice on translation services, notarization, apostilles, legalization, obtaining a police clearance certificate, etc.).
  • Easy communication (cellular provider preferable for you, e-mailing of finalised documents, communication via Skype, Viber, etc.).
  • Convenient location of the office (if it is important to you).
Time to say final YES to selected Translation Agency

Frankly speaking, if you have a positive feeling about all of the abovementioned items, your call to the office will be a decisive factor in choosing the agency that is the “best fit” for you. The site looks impressive, the prices are fine, the reviews are positive, what else do you need to make your final decision and say YES?!


Of course, everyone likes getting small presents or additional discounts… Our Agency can give you this option!


We will be happy to help you!